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A few weekends ago, my friends Katie, Christy, Amanda and I flew to Boston on part two of our East Coast adventure! My roommate had a friend in Boston that we could stay with, Boston is one of my favorite cities and tickets from Hotwire are unreal amounts of cheap, so it seemed like the perfect travel plans!

We had an amazing time in Boston. The history is amazing, the architecture is great, the food is “to die for” and the Metro transit system is amazing!

We did so many things on our weekend trip there that I was honestly surprised that we were still functioning by the end of it! We really packed everything in during such a short span of time!

Something that I would recommend to anyone traveling to Boston is making sure to walk through the entire Freedom Trail. The Freedom trail (http://www.thefreedomtrail.org/) is a historical trail that tourists can take to see all the historic sites that were important leading up to (and throughout) the American Revolution. During my last trip to Boston, I visited most of these sites, but since I was there the last time more than seven years ago, I obviously welcomed the refresher.

Here is a brief description of the trail from the official website.

“The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile red-brick walking trail that leads you to 16 nationally significant historic sites, every one an authentic American treasure. Preserved and dedicated by the citizens of Boston in 1958, when the wrecking ball threatened, the Freedom Trail today is a unique collection of museums, churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, parks, a ship, and historic markers that tell the story of the American Revolution and beyond.”

We tried to take pictures along most of the 16 sites! Below are the photos with captions! I think I only missed one or two!

ABOVE: The Boston Common: The girls and I at the Boston Common, a beautiful park. This is where the tour started and it was easily accessible to the Metro.

ABOVE: The State House: View from the Boston Common to The State House.

ABOVE: Park Street Church: This isn’t technically the church, but it is the nearest picture to it that I have from this trip. We tried to walk in and got in trouble because pre-school was going on…haha!

ABOVE: Granary Burying Ground: The first picture is Christy, Amanda and I in front of Mr. and Ms. Franklin’s Graves (Ben’s Parents). We all kind of passed it and didn’t care at first, and then finally realized the significance they had! Sorry Franklins! 🙂 The second picture is me in front of Sam Adams’ grave!!

ABOVE: King’s Chapel: The first is the view from the back of the church aisle. The second is the view of the original prayer books/bibles from a pew.

King’s Chapel Burying Ground: Didn’t take a picture of this! I wasn’t particularly enthralled for some reason I guess!

ABOVE: Benjamin Franklin Statue/Boston Latin School: The first picture is me in front of the Ben Franklin Statue, and the rest are us in the Boston Latin School courtyard. FYI: There is a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse there now, ha..

Old Corner Book Store: The Old Corner Book Store is now not a bookstore 😦 We went there for about thirty seconds and were a little disappointed.

ABOVE: Old South Meeting House: Inside and outside.

ABOVE: Old State House: Front door and outside.

Site of the Boston Massacre: No pictures, it is only marked by something small.

ABOVE: Faneuil Hall: Inside.

ABOVE: Paul Revere House: Outside.

The Old North Church: No pictures, the lighting was horrible and I couldn’t get anything worthwhile!

Copp’s Hill Burying Ground: No pictures.

ABOVE: Bunker Hill Monument: Funny, this looks exactly like the Washington Monument!

ABOVE: USS Constitution: Katie tried to stand and get a picture of the ship from a higher view because there was a fence in front of it and got yelled at by the guards. I happened to get the perfect picture! Such a funny moment!

During our first full day in Boston, we started off walking the entire Freedom Trail, then ended up going to Mike’s Pastries for cannoli and to the Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park. I have only been to Fenway Park one other time in my life and that didn’t even involve a baseball game! Since my immediate family is from the North side of the Chicago suburbs, we are avid Chicago Cubs fans (no matter how saddening it always is). Being a Cubs fan is extremely important to me just because it gives me great memories of going to the Beanie Baby days with my parents when I was little and watching the games with my dad.

ABOVE: Katie and I at the Red Sox game.

I think there are a lot of Cubs fans who also love the Boston Red Sox. I don’t really know what the connection is, but it probably has something to do with how loyal the fans are. Loyal fans appreciate loyal fans, especially when it may not always be easy to be loyal when your team doesn’t constantly (or ever…) win the World Series!

Anyways, I had a great time at the game and enjoyed just being in the park at the very least!

We took a crowded Metro back to where we stayed for the weekend at one of my roommate’s friend’s house in the Boston College neighborhood and immediately fell asleep when we arrived! It was a full day!

The next day we slept in and got up in time to leave for lunch. We visited my favorite restaurant in Boston, Durgin Park, which is right by a bunch of historic landmarks! I have fantasized about that cornbread for seven years, and it was just as unbelievable as I remembered! I got the Pot Roast as my entree which made me think about why I don’t make Pot Roast more. Sure it takes some effort, but it’s always worth it!

ABOVE: Me and my buddy, Amanda, at Durgin Park 🙂

The next day we went to Harvard College in Cambridge, Mass. Honestly, it was such a great experience. There is something so relaxed about the Harvard campus that I really didn’t expect. Not that I expected it to be stuffy or overbearing on the opposite side of things, I just didn’t expect it to be so cool! I could totally picture any of my friends who were thinking about law school or graduate school to look into it! What an awesome place and I’m sure I didn’t even see the half of it!

ABOVE: Katie and I standing at a gate on the Harvard campus.

The whole experience just reminded me of the television show Gilmore Girls (even though Rory’s character ended up attending Yale). I never had visited Harvard or had much interest in it but just being in that atmosphere just made me gawk at the beauty of such an old, traditional and historic campus!

After Harvard, we went to the Cheers bar set in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. It was so cool and such a fun place to visit, even if it was only for a photo op! The area of Beacon Hill is beautiful and was totally worth the visit.

We finished the trip up by going to a get together my roommate’s friend wanted to bring us to at night with his friends from school. Even though Amanda, Christy and I didn’t know anyone that went there, it will still a good experience to see how the Boston College campus looked.

And, of course, in the company of friends, hilarity always ensues over something or other!

Thanks for reading, friends!

xoxo Hayleigh