Ordinary Day

Hello everyone!

I have been living in D.C. for just about a week now and I love it so much! In the past week, so much has changed—I’ve started living in a new apartment, started my reporting internship at The Hill newspaper, and made great new friends!

The five other ladies I am living with are fabulous and we have had so much fun romping around in our new space and in our new little homey neighborhood! Today, since it is a Friday and we don’t have to go to our internships, Katie, Amanda and I went to the International Spy Museum and explored China Town a little and ate some great Chinese food at Ming’s Restaurant. Supposedly it’s one of the nation’s 100 best Chinese food places so we walked in, but then we saw the same sign on a few other places….so we think that was a lie. But it was good!

Yesterday night we went to see Eat Pray Love (time #2 for me!) in Friendship Heights, which is a cute area near Adams Morgan with a mall and lots of familiar box clothing stores and chain restaurants.

Our plans for tonight are visiting all the monuments at night (WW2, Vietnam War, Lincoln, Washington) because Katie says they are at their most beautiful at night! I can’t wait to see them!

OK, so here are a few photos of my apartment that I promised I would put up. It’s the cutest thing.

My internship has been going smoother and smoother every day that I’m there. On day 1 (which was Tuesday), I was seriously overwhelmed! Anyone that talked to me on Tuesday knows that I was seriously anxiety-ridden. For example, I made Katie walk to the Metro with me about 40 minutes before I even had to get there, and the place is only two stops away! She was laughing because I was truly just so excited and nervous to start.

Basically, the point of my job at The Hill is to post and edit blogs from Congress members and other influential individuals and post them on The Hill’s website on the Congress Blog. Getting the hang of it has been kind of tricky, but it does get easier and easier every day.

Ok, today seriously tired me, not to mention the unbelievably tiring week, so I’m signing out to go take a nap!




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